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Direct Fed Microbial formula that provides beneficial healthy bacteria to the bee's digestive tract, stimulating bee health, digestion, and more.  

The honey bee's microbiome and immunity deteriorates with exposure to pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and antibiotics.  SuperDFM helps stimulate immunity.

Field trials have shown effectiveness against Chalkbrood, European Foul Brood, Viruses,and suppressing germination of Nosema (lower Nosema spore counts).


All Strong Microbials SuperDFM ingredients are FDA approved and recognized as safe

Contains a source of viable microorganisms (Third party testing validated that microbials are alive)

Freeze drying process of Strong Microbials ensures highest stability

Contains NO silicon dioxide (anti caking agent used by competition)

All natural probiotic supplement for honey bees (proprietary microbial strains)

Supports gut health

Wide array of lactic acid bacteria

Live yeast culture

Safe to use during honey flow, doesn't show up in honey

Cannot be overused


Positively affects nurse bee performance


Recommended use: 

1 tablespoon per application dry fed every 30 days; sprinkled or dusted on front and back of top bars of brood chamber.

Use SuperDFM straight from the package.  Do not mix directly with sugar, syrup, protein patties, or antibiotics.

Do NOT use SuperDFM together with antibiotics.  SuperDFM be applied to hives in conjunction with any feeding program; not mixed.

No excess heat (over 130F) or moisture.


Note:  Store in a cool, dry place.  Stable for 5 years at room temperature.