About Us

Our humble beginning started in 1996 when our father and uncle gave us 2 of their live bee hives.  Just play around with them and learn all you can about them, they said.  2 hives became 32 hives when an Almond Grower gave Mike all of his beekeeping equipment, including bees.  We extracted our first honey crop, Blackberry Honey from Madera, and proceeded to give most of it to friends and family. 

Being part of an agriculture family, and after just 2 years managing our 32 bee hives, we secured a new farm loan which enabled us to purchase 500 live bee hives and locations from a beekeeper, a used truck and trailer, and a used Swinger Forklift.  We became 3rd generation full-time commercial beekeepers in November 1998.

M & D Honey Inc currently owns and manages approximately 1.200 bee hives throughout the year.  We also Broker or Lease additional Honey Bees from other beekeepers throughout the U.S. to help with our Almond Pollination contracts.

Our Honey Bees pollinate a variety of orchards, crops, and fields throughout the year in California.  We sell these varieties of honey that our bees produce at various events and through our online store.  Our Honey is 100% pure, bottled according to variety (never blended), never filtered (we strain all our honey one time), and produced in California(local).

Mike is currently involved with the Central Valley Beekeepers Association based in Fresno, CA.,  first as secretary for 3 years then President for 3 years.  Mike is currently the Treasurer.

Mike is also a current member of the California State Beekeepers Association based in Sacramento, CA.  He was a board member for 12 years with duties including Central Valley representative, Marketing, Vice President in 2017, and President in 2018.